Actors Agency Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The Netherlands

Actors Agency Amsterdam offers a database of actors and roleplay actors - for TV, Film, Theatre, Roleplay, Trainings, Voice Over and more.
We offer casting services for actors and actresses, both Dutch, (native) English and American and other nationalities.
Next to our casting services we offer trainings for actors. For instance: The Actors Pitch !

Actors Agency Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a network of enterprising and internationally orientated actors m/f,
working according the 'co-op model': 
within a small team of freelance actors | theatremakers circulating and sharing responsability for running the Agency,
in order to combine the benefits and potential of the actorsnetwork
- to find a stage or get on the set.

Actors Agency Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Phone +31 (0) 20 486 72 66
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